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The new way for anyone
to invest like a millionaire

Earn higher than average market returns, 100% passively.


Average Monthly Profit

how it works




Experience Required


Bonus on Deposit

How It Works

When you invest with us, our semi-automated strategy makes informed trades on the currencies market to generates returns that outperforms the overall market.

Simply put, we grow your money for you, 100% passively

Jr Capital

We Only Work With The Best

To give you the best possible service, we ICM Capital as our multi-regulated brokerage platform. Here's a few of their awards & sponsors

Our Clients, 100% Satisfied

I've already made $800 in 4 month with Jr. Capital. with a $2,900 Investment

Ghassan, Student


Who Is This For?

Employees Seeking Extra Income 

Are you a hardworking employee looking to give yourself a raise without the complexities of traditional investing? Our beginner-friendly and passive investment strategy can help you earn more each month, effortlessly.

Investors, Both Novice and Experienced 

Whether you're new to investing or an experienced investor, our approach is straightforward and designed for individuals with varying levels of financial market knowledge.

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Those with Specific Financial Goals 

If you're saving for a dream vacation, your children's education, early retirement, or aiming for financial independence, our investment program can be a powerful tool in achieving your objectives.

Our Strategy's Performance

Below is an updated monthly returns bar graph verified by

Jr Capital

10% Credit Bonus On Deposit

When you invest $2000 or more into your  ICM Capital account, we'll reward you with an incredible 10% credit bonus. This means your initial $2000 investment instantly grows to $2200 the moment you join and make your deposit.

This credit bonus acts like cash in your account, allowing you to trade with more power, as if you had a larger investment. While the bonus can't be withdrawn until a certain threshold is reached, it enhances your earning potential and gives you a head start on your path to greater profits.

No Lock Up Period

There is no lock up period with our investment. You are able
to deposit or withdraw at any time without any intervention.

Additionally Jr. Capital does not access your funds in ICM Capital, we only send automated trading signals to your trading account.

Jr Capital

Investment Calculator

Jr Capital

Management & Performance Fees

When you invest the minimum $2000, you'll receive the full amount in your ICM investment account. There are no joining fees or management fees.


We operate on a performance-based model, where we take a 35% share of the profits you earn each month for the service we provide.

The Process To Join



Fill out the form below, or contact us.

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Receive PDF with instructions on how to create your secure account with ICM.



Deposit minimum $2000 into your secure ICM account.



Start Earning Passively!

Sync Up

Start Investing with Jr. Capital

Fill out the form to receive instructions to start earning passively!

After clicking on "Submit", you'll be redirected to the "Thank you" page, where you can download the necessary instructions.

Still Have A Question?

We're here to help you, book a call on the widget below, send us an Email,  or send us a direct message on Instagram.

Contact Us
  • How do I get started?
    Click on the get started button, fill out your name, email and number, you will receive instructions on your email and Whatsapp on how to create your account, how to deposit, how to withdraw and a guide to make the most out of your investment.
  • How do I deposit?
    After creating your secure ICM Capital account following our instructions, you’ll be able to deposit using your credit card, apple pay, Google pay, bank transfer, USDT, Skrill and many more options listed on the ICM Portal. Full instructions will be given to you after you fill out your email and Whatsapp.
  • How do I withdraw?
    After making some profits, you can withdraw the same way you deposit on your ICM portal, Credit card, USDT, Skrill… Full instructions will be sent to you in your email and whatsapp.
  • Is there a lock up period?
    No there is no lock up period, you have total control over your account. Instructions will be given to you by email and Whatsapp.
  • Which countries are supported?
    All Countries are supported except: USA, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Somalia and some other states.
  • How secure is it?
    ICM Capital is a world renowned portal which won multiple “most trusted” awards. Additionally, we don’t have access to your funds, we just send signals to your account and execute trades. it also includes a liability clause up to 5,000,000 GBP
  • What does it cost to invest?
    Zero Dollars, the amount you deposit is the amount that will be available for investment
  • What is the minimum investment?
    The minimum investment is $2000.
  • What is the maximum I can invest?
    There is no maximum you can invest.
  • how do I check my account/balance?
    After creating your secure ICM Capital account you can check your balance on the ICM Capital portal. instructions will be given to you by Email & WhatsApp
  • Which market do you invest in?
    We operate in the foreign exchange currency market (Forex) which is the largest market in the world worth $5 Trillion dollars. We don’t invest in the stock market or crypto market.
  • Is it Halal?
    Yes. our partnership with ICM Capital has allowed us to offer you interest free trading accounts.
  • Will this make me a millionaire?
    investing $2000 on a 5% average return monthly you will approximately double your money in less than 2 years meaning it will be $4000. So no you won’t become a millionaire, however this investment will allow you to have your money work for you and grow while you enjoy life. Also investing more into this strategy per month will allow you to take advantage of compounding. If you invest $2000 to start and then invest $200 every month you’ll grow your investment substantially reaching over $10,000 in less than 2 years.

Start investing with Jr. Capital

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