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Earn While You Sleep, Eat, Have Fun and Anytime in Between

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Discover The New, Done For You Investment Management, No Prior Experience Required.

Dear Future Investor,

If you've been searching for a way to enjoy a truly passive income – one where you won't have to dedicate a single second of your precious time each month

then this is the m​ost important opportunity of your life.

As an employee your income is limited by your skillset, your industry, and even how much your boss likes you. 

After countless hours of dedication, you receive a monthly paycheck that doesn't reflect your hard effort, leaving you feeling undervalued. 

You've probably asked for a raise, only to receive a salary advance, which will make you happy until you remember it will be taken out of your next salary.

So you decide to start saving more, but there is a limit to how much you can save each month. and you stop enjoying the little things that make life good. 

However you want to become financially free and decide to sacrifice going out and buying new things. After months of sacrifice you manage to save $2000!


you deposit your $2000 into a 3% interest saving account and you wait a year

after a whole year of waiting... you make $60!

Yes $60, that's it. after a whole year, you would be better of asking a friend for that $60.

Also if your religion doesn’t allow interest, you'd get $0

While having a good amount saved in a bank account is always a good idea as an emergency fund, this will not make you rich.

so saving won't make you rich, how about investing in the stock market?

You ask your friend to set up your trading account and you invest in the stock market.

Again you wait a year for your reward. and you get $160. that's it, with a lot more risk than your saving account.

But what if we told you there's a better way?

Imagine having the power to earn a remarkable 5% average return on your investment every single month. That's not a typo – 5% *each month on average . this would be $100 on a $2000 account.

With our proven investment strategy, you can watch your wealth grow steadily and significantly, without the stress and uncertainty of traditional investing.

Millionaires and billionaires already take advantage of such services with hedge funds however they require minimum investment in the millions of dollars.

We have created a strategy that works for the small sum of $2000

Over the last few months our clients have enjoyed the financial freedom that comes with 5% average monthly returns.

Below is the track record of our strategy. The platform Myfxbook is dedicated to show real accounts that can’t be falsified, below is a plug in directly from my fxbook that you can interact with. 

As you see above, some months are above 5%, however out average is 5%

You’re probably wondering how does 5% per month look like,

In the 1st month your $2000 investment becomes $2100 (Not much but you’ve already beaten your bank)

At the end of 2nd month your $2100 becomes $2205 (it’s only been two month but you’ve already beaten the stock market)

At the 3rd month your $2205 becomes $2,315 (at this stage, you can use your profits to cover a bill, buy a gift or keep it in your account to compound it even more.

In 3 short months, you’ve made more money than a savings account and stock market combined. This is the power of compounding, you would be experiencing the equivalent of years in mere months. 

It's time to break free from this cycle of limited financial growth and high-risk investments. Discover how our innovative investment strategy can provide you with the passive income you've been dreaming of, without the complexities and uncertainties of traditional investing. Your financial freedom starts here.


Jr. Capital

We Only Work With The Best

To give you the best possible service, we use ICM Capital as our brokerage platform. Here's a few of their awards & sponsors


Our Clients, 100% Satisfied

Ghassan, Student

I've already made $800 in 4 month with Jr. Capital. 

Walid, Mid Level Employee

I didn't wait for my boss to give me a raise, with Jr. Capital I got a 10% raise by myself

Nicole, Real Estate Agent

Thanks to Jr. Capital, I am able to send my parents back home a couple hundred dollars per month!

Here's How Our Investment Compares With Others

Savings Account

3% Per Year

Locked up

Banks Decide The Rate

Stock Market

8% Per Year

No Lock up

Needs Experience

Final -4.png

5% Per Month

Total Control

Truly Passive

Who Is This For?

Employees Seeking Extra Income 

Are you a hardworking employee looking to give yourself a raise without the complexities of traditional investing? Our user-friendly and passive investment strategy can help you earn more each month, effortlessly.

Investors, Both Novice and Experienced 

Whether you're new to investing or an experienced investor, our approach is straightforward and designed for individuals with varying levels of financial market knowledge.

Those with Specific Financial Goals 

If you're saving for a dream vacation, your children's education, early retirement, or aiming for financial independence, our investment program can be a powerful tool in achieving your objectives.

Free Credit Bonus, Just for you!

When you invest $2000 or more into your  ICM Capital account,, we'll reward you with an incredible 10% credit bonus. This means your initial $2000 investment instantly grows to $2200 the moment you join and make your deposit.

This credit bonus acts like cash in your account, allowing you to trade with more power, as if you had a larger investment. While the bonus can't be withdrawn until a certain threshold is reached, it enhances your earning potential and gives you a head start on your path to greater profits.

So What Will This Cost?

When you invest the minimum $2000, you'll receive the full amount in your ICM investment account, and there are no joining fees. We operate on a performance-based model, where we take a 35% share of the profits you earn each month. For instance, if your monthly profit is $100, we will deduct $35 for providing the investment strategy and managing your account on your behalf."

Don't Wait to Invest – Act Now!

Imagine this: if you had invested just three months ago with a minimum of $2000, you'd already be able to withdraw $500 today from your secure ICM Capital Account. That's $500 in profits, even after deducting a 35% performance fee – and all without any active involvement on your part.

While our average monthly return stands at a solid 5%, the past three months have been exceptional, with a staggering 25% return, which translates to an impressive 8.3% return each month.

This is the power of timely action. Don't miss out on the opportunity to grow your wealth effortlessly. Invest with us today and start watching your money work for you.

I Can Guarantee This...

When you  invest with us, be prepared for a profound shift in your perspective on money.

​You currently see money as a result of hard work, however when you invest with us, you'll see it as a plant that grows the more you water it.​

The Process





Fill in Submission Form below, or contact us.

Receive PDF with instructions on how to create your secure Account with ICM.

Deposit minimum $2000 into your account.

Start Earning Passively!

Start your Journey To Financial Freedom with  Jr. Capital

Fill out the form and you'll receive instructions to start earning passively

After submitting you'll be redirected to the thank you page where you can download required instructions

Still Have A Question?

We're here to help you, book a call on the widget below, send us an Email, WhatsApp Us, or  Send us A Direct message on instagram.

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There Are Two Kinds Of People In This World 

Which One Are You?


Are you an Observer?

These individuals are perpetual opportunity seekers, yet they often hesitate when faced with a promising chance, eventually becoming mere spectators of the success enjoyed by those who dared to seize the same opportunity they let slip away.

  • How do I get started?
    Click on the get started button, fill out your name, email and number, you will receive instructions on your email and Whatsapp on how to create your account, how to deposit, how to withdraw and a guide to make the most out of your investment.
  • How do I deposit?
    After creating your secure ICM Capital account following our instructions, you’ll be able to deposit using your credit card, apple pay, Google pay, bank transfer, USDT, Skrill and many more options listed on the ICM Portal. Full instructions will be given to you after you fill out your email and Whatsapp.
  • How do I withdraw?
    After making some profits, you can withdraw the same way you deposit on your ICM portal, Credit card, USDT, Skrill… Full instructions will be sent to you in your email and whatsapp.
  • Is there a lock up period?
    No there is no lock up period, you have total control over your account. Instructions will be given to you by email and Whatsapp.
  • Which countries are supported?
    All Countries are supported except: USA, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Somalia and some other states.
  • How secure is it?
    ICM Capital is a world renowned portal which won multiple “most trusted” awards. Additionally, we don’t have access to your funds, we just send signals to your account and execute trades. it also includes a liability clause up to 5,000,000 GBP
  • What does it cost to invest?
    Zero Dollars, the amount you deposit is the amount that will be available for investment
  • What is the minimum investment?
    The minimum investment is $2000.
  • What is the maximum I can invest?
    There is no maximum you can invest.
  • how do I check my account/balance?
    After creating your secure ICM Capital account you can check your balance on the ICM Capital portal. instructions will be given to you by Email & WhatsApp
  • Which market do you invest in?
    We operate in the foreign exchange currency market (Forex) which is the largest market in the world worth $5 Trillion dollars. We don’t invest in the stock market or crypto market.
  • Is it Halal?
    Yes. our partnership with ICM Capital has allowed us to offer you interest free trading accounts.
  • Will this make me a millionaire?
    investing $2000 on a 5% average return monthly you will approximately double your money in less than 2 years meaning it will be $4000. So no you won’t become a millionaire, however this investment will allow you to have your money work for you and grow while you enjoy life. Also investing more into this strategy per month will allow you to take advantage of compounding. If you invest $2000 to start and then invest $200 every month you’ll grow your investment substantially reaching over $10,000 in less than 2 years.

Important disclaimers

Jr. Capital

Forex Trading carries inherent risk. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Your initial investment is at risk, and there is no assurance of profits or capital preservation. Please trade only with funds you can afford to lose and never use borrowed money for investment purposes. The information provided on this platform is for educational and informational purposes, not as financial advice. All decisions based on this information are solely your responsibility. Jr. Capital assumes no liability for any losses or damages incurred

ICM Capital

Please be aware that past results do not guarantee future performance. Investing in financial markets carries inherent risks, and it's important to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions. It's essential to understand that ICM Capital acts solely as a brokerage and does not provide guarantees or assurances regarding investment outcomes. Your investments are subject to market fluctuations, and there is no assurance of profit. Please make informed investment choices and consider seeking advice from qualified financial professionals.

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